Title: Cafe Zero – A nomadic smoke and fermentation house with no seasons.

Cafe Zero is a performance and installation work produced for the Performa Biennial 2023.

The work included a music piece made in collaboration with Holger Hartvig and

chef uniforms designed in collaboration with the Danish designer Anne Sofie Madsen.

A sci-fi fantasy cooking session riffing on the New Nordic movement and prepping for an uncertain future, the audience is invited to attend the creation of a menu of locally sourced foods and survivalist preparations. The all-star cast includes Chef Matthew Weingarten, Chef Markus Oxelman, Chef Jackie Gordon, Chef Erica Wides and food historian and Chef Scott Alves Barton. The performers perform a script made from recorded and transcribed kitchen conversation combined with themes of dystopia, tradition, and other future visions with fragments from films and song lyrics. - Text from Performas website.

Co-produced with Art Hub, Copenhagen.


1-17 Whitney Browne # 18-33 Joe Jagos